About me

Hi there,

My name is Benjamin Blessing.

I am a consultant, blogger and love to travel.

Currently I work at Accenture, a global management consulting firm, within financial services. Here we are dedicated to deliver outstanding projects within the banking sector.

My blog RandomBrick.de started as an experiment in 2013 after I finished my Master in the UK. Since then the website has developed a steady growth of visitors. Currently the blog is counting more than 65.000 pageviews a month

Over the last couple of years I discovered my passion for travelling. Since then I visited several countries such as the United States, Iceland, Malta, Irland, United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. I prefer to do short breaks and spend a couple of days in cities such as London, New York or Berlin instead of 2 weeks at a beach.

More information about me can be found on my CV and please feel free to connect via social networks.