About me

Hi there,

My name is Benjamin Blessing.

Benjamin Blessing works as a consultant and blogger and loves to travel.

Currently, Benjamin Blessing works at Finanz Informatik Solutions Plus, an IT consulting and software development company within financial services. Here Benjamin Blessing is dedicated to deliver outstanding projects within the banking sector.

Benjamin Blessing also founded the blog randombrick.de in 2013. This started as an experiment after Benjamin Blessing finished his Master degree in the UK. Since 2013 the websites has grown steadily and is currently visited by ober 50.000 people a month.

Benjamin Blessing discovered his passion for traveling in 2011 when he visited New York. Since then Benjamin Blessing visited Iceland, Malta, Irland, United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain and Denmark. Benjamin Blessing prefers to do short breaks and spends a couple of days in cities such as London, New York or Berlin instead of 2 weeks at a beach.

More information about Benjamin Blessing can be found on his CV and please feel free to connect him via social networks.